welcome in the pixel studio!
The Pixel Studio is a Design awards winning studio based in the multi cultural heart of Hong Kong, since 2017.
Over the years, we have worked as designing a large range of products going from sport goods: Ski goggles for Scott Sports or the Habit 2 for Cannondale to transportations projects such as Renault Trucks or Viba Motors but also consumers electronic products such as Osia by Ahera or the A star speaker for Move Acoustics. 
Our expertise starts from the initial idea in order to transform your idea into a first round of hand sketch respecting your brand DNA. 
Then, we will create detailed 3D files. These files can be used in order to create 3D printings, as a first base for your research and development office or even for industrialisation.
Moreover, we can also help you to create realistic 3D renderings and animation. These will give you a first realistic idea of your future products, you will be able to use them for your internal or external communications campaigns even before the reception of a 3D print or the completion of the first prototypes.
You will be able to make your last Colors and Materials adjustments before starting the industrialisation of the products.  
The Pixel Studio is located in the heart of Hong Kong. This location wasn't not picked by chance, we wanted to be located in a fast moving city yet still living close to multiple factories.
Over the past years, We have had the opportunity to work with incredible brands driven by awesome people. each collaboration was a great times creating new products together:
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