At just 900 grams (size Med, with all paint and hardware), the all-new F-Si is the lightest mountain bike frame Cannondale has ever made. It shaves 80 grams off the previous F-Si, and when you factor in the svelte new Lefty Ocho, you save a whopping 330 grams on the frame and fork (that's around 3/4 of a pound for you imperial folks). Pretty impressive.

What’s even more impressive is that, rather than chasing marketing grams, our engineers focused on features that deliver real performance benefits out on the course. Features like Ai and OutFront, or improved compliance, or improved durability. That’s what wins races, not saving the weight of a few sips of water. Lighten up right, with the all-new F-Si.
Our proprietary Ballistic Carbon lets us push boundaries and tune rigidity throughout the entire frame - For stiffness where you need it and compliance where you don't. At just 900 grams, it's one of the lightest hardballs in the world, yet so durable we back it with a lifetime warranty.
For seated comfort, designing the F-SI with a 27.2mm seat post was just the start. Our collarless seat post clamp takes it even further, lowering the clamping point so that more of the post can flex. 
Put the power all day long, without the punishment.​​​​​​​
SAVE Micro-suspension 
SAVE Micro-suspension tunes the overall compliance of the frame. The rear triangle flexes vertically for shock absorption. Directionally optimized carbon layup in the seat tube allows controlled fore/AFT bowing; for better traction, higher speeds and drastically minimized fatigue, whether seated or standing, GO FASTER LONGER.​​​​​​​
Industry standard tapered headtube 
Light, stiff and standard
Ai Party in the Back
Short chainstays do wonders for traction and nimble handling, but they usually come at a cost. Ya gotta give something to get something. Not so with Ai. 
Ai is our proprietary Asymmetric Integration drivetrain offset. By moving the gears and rear triangle over, we create space (double what you get from Boost) that enables us to shorten the stays AND still have clearance for big tires and room for 2x drivetrains if you want. It even creates a stiffer, stronger rear wheel by evening out the dish. Smart, right?
During this project, I was in charge of:
3D modeling for manufacturing using Creo.
As this was my first "manufacturing" project using Creo, I learnt a lot about the software, the design process, manufacturing, ...
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