Cébé, a long-standing partner and key player in the protective products industry wanted to take position in the freestyle ski market with a very distinctive product and putting safety first. The objective of our collaboration was to offer the maximum protection to the athlete with an indestructible construction and meeting the most demanding standards, including the ability to absorb repeated impacts the freestylers have to face.
The privileged relationship between Cébé and KAIRN studio based on upstream research into products identity allows us to take part in the various stages of creating a coherent range of products. We were able to bring our vision throughout this project, from the definition of the technologies used, the marketing positioning to the cosmetic phase, including the creation of graphic illustrations applied to different places of the helmet, through the design phases and industrial support.
During the development of the Method helmet, we had the opportunity to visit the supplier in Asia. This visit with Sébastien Delsaux - Cébé's product Manager - enabled us to have a better understanding of the constraints related to the know-how of the plant and to make final adjustments for optimal quality on our 3D modelling handled by The Pixel Studio
This helmet is the basis of the brand's future ranges in terms of visual identity. The organization of volumes, the treatment of details and the use of illustrations to express a construction or innovative details. These will be taken up over the next ranges of products.
The entire Method's range is visible on Cébé's website.
After the design and modelling phases, Cébé also entrusted KAIRN Studio with the production of the product presentation video for the launch of this helmet during the ISPO trade fair. We showed our intentions with a precise storyboard, which allowed us to do the motion design of the animation. We have paid particular attention to the quality of the lighting and the texturing of the various components. The addition of animated graphics in post-production, and a fast-paced final cut finish giving this video the technical aspect that really emphasizes the message displayed by the object.
Project Management : CEBE Sébastien Delsaux (Product animation : Awena Jouannic)
Design team : KAIRN STUDIO Pierre Francoz, Pierre Vioules
Animation / Motion Design : KAIRN STUDIO
Photographies : Pierre Bocquet / DROZ PHOTO Damien Rosso

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