Salomon had the intention to formalize his bold new technologies, with the strong ambition: Making it easier and more comfortable for beginners to use their ski boots before, during and after skiing. 
The main objective of this design study in search of new markets was to assess the stylistic potential of new technical advances.

Based on existing 3D models, the KAIRN design team carried out an exploration phase, in the form of a large sketchbook and 3D prints. The recovery of the identity codes of Salomon products drove all the solutions designed and presented to the project manager. The very significant technical constraints linked to the ski boots framed the 2D adjustments phases of the multiple proposals, while respecting strong design intentions and the high expectations of Salomon's project manager.

The design of the ski boot strongly highlights the promise of comfort and intuitiveness asked by Salomon. The 3D modelings, realistic renderings and mock-up phases allowed Salomon's design and marketing teams to evaluate in details the concept, both aesthetically and technically. 
A very demanding but highly rewarding experience for all the teams.

This project was a real team effort in order to produce the 3D files for Scale 1:1 3D printings and still images. 

Project manager : SALOMON Quentin Verhaeghe
Design : KAIRN STUDIO Pierre Francoz, Pierre Vioules, Alexandre Moulin
3D modeling : KAIRN STUDIO / THE PIXEL STUDIO Rudy Bottin / François Baptista

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